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by Enstone | Oct 01st, 2015 - 00:00:08 | 201 Comment(s) | 159 Like(s) - 6 Dislike(s) | 60516 View(s)

My blog is now online. You will be able to find some applications for playstation 3 and several ressources for developping on the playstation 3 environnement. Enstone.

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07/28/2017 03:15:03
can you derank grey_11 level 1
07/26/2017 07:53:19
Enstone plus me robaron mi cuenta me puedes subir de lvl en black ops 2 ya se lo hiciste a mi hermano y encontré la pagina. Mi nombre de usuario de ps3 es: Xx_Milrayitas_xX
07/19/2017 03:36:51
06/19/2017 00:32:21
Hey enstone can u rank me up to my old Level 
Prestige 13 lvl 80. I was deranked from the highest level to the first bruh. Psn : hallo90004 pls help me :/ 
05/26/2017 21:11:23
This comment has been removed.
04/30/2017 00:15:40
Fix you downloads we cant even download the ccapis we need 
03/31/2017 23:45:43
Estone você poderia me falar como eu faço para ter o menu de acesso a códigos no call of duty advanced Warfare no ps3 ? desde já agradeço muito meu id no ps3 e italojk ou alguém q poderia me falar como obrigado a todos.
03/30/2017 12:20:19
Enstone could you please rank me back up to level 80. I accidentally went in prestige mode and list everything. My username is alex1212323 on PS3. 
03/29/2017 04:10:10
Posso ter um menu de acesso a códigos no call of duty advanced Warfare mau id online e Itália obrigado
03/26/2017 08:38:50
Plz could you rank me back up I was demoted to the first level of master prestige and every time I level back up I just ranked back down to level one HELP MEEEEE!!