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ControlConsole API

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CCAPI is a software that establishes a connection between your ps3 and another device such as your computer or your smartphone.
You can control your ps3 with it.

A few functions available:

  • Game modding
  • Debug non-fself & fself in real time
  • Wireless connection
  • Modify idps and psid
  • Edit console Leds
  • Ring console buzzer
  • Get ps3 temperature


Firmware compatibility list


  1. Download the CCAPI package at the bottom of this page
  2. Inside, you should find a folder called PS3 with a .pkg, put it on the root of a usb stick.
  3. Plug the usb stick on your ps3, then install it.
  4. You should also find a folder called PC with a .exe, run it and follow the instructions to install it.
  5. You have now CCAPI installed on your ps3 and on your pc.


  • On PS3, you just run the pkg, again
  • On PC, use the configuration panel and the option "uninstall a program".


Console Manager
  • On Android, you can get it from the google play store here
  • On PC, it is installed with the CcApi-setup.exe.






  • 2.80
    (rev4) Added 4.83 CEX support
    (rev3) Added 4.82 DEX support
    (rev2) Reduced memory use
    Added ps3 TOOL support (with DEX/CEX kernel only)
    Added console finder into consolemanager
    Added vsh menu
    Added 4.82 CEX support
  • 2.70
    (rev6) Added 4.81 DEX support
    (rev5) Added 4.81 CEX support
    (rev4) Added 4.80 DEX support
    (rev4) Added 4.80 CEX support
    (rev3) Added 4.78 DEX support
    (rev2) Added 4.78 CEX support
    (rev2) Added 4.76 DEX support
    Added other platform support
    Optimized network bitrate
  • 2.60
    (rev7) Added 4.76 CEX support
    (rev6) Added 4.75 DEX support
    (rev5) Added 4.75 CEX support
    (rev4) Added 4.70 DEX support
    (rev3) Added 4.70 CEX support
    (rev2) Added 4.66 CEX support
    Added 4.60/4.65 support
    Added Cobra support
    Added SetBootPsid/SetBootIdps/SetPsid
  • 2.50
    Added 4.53/4.55 support
    Added a console list
  • 2.00
    Reduced memory use
    DLL (C++ / C#) released to build programs for ccapi
  • 1.00
    Original version





If you are a developer that want to use CCAPI. You have a several option:

  • You can use the demo codes provided in the CCAPI Package for Developers (download link is below). You may find some example for a few languages such as C/C++/C#.
  • You can also use imcsx's implementation for C#, the specificity is that it is also compatible with TMAPI.
  • Finally if your programming language is not supported, or if you prefer to make your own implementation, it is possible to directly import the functions from CCAPI.dll yourself. The main functions to achieve that are LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress from the WINAPI, you can find them in a lot of languages C/C++/.net/Java, etc. 


The CCAPI (Windows) documentation is available here: Win documentation

The CCAPI (Others) documentation is available here: (Not yet)


CCAPI 2.80 REV1 Package
Downloads: 1107
CCAPI 2.80 REV1 Package (developer)
Downloads: 419
CCAPI 2.80 REV2 Package
Downloads: 26944
CCAPI 2.80 REV2 Package (developer)
Downloads: 6982
CCAPI 2.80 REV3 Package
Downloads: 39232
CCAPI 2.80 REV3 Package (developer)
Downloads: 10158
Downloads: 6467

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04/13/2018 19:06:50
Could you please update CCAPI to support Rebug D-REX 4.82 (4.82 DEX)?
Don't mean to rush you if you're busy, I just really want to play Zombieland and use my mod menu while using my Jericho Engine simultaneously.

Thank you! :D
04/12/2018 15:48:10
i need 2.70
03/26/2018 08:24:40
Mod my account on ps3 for bo2 nightrunner679 plz
02/22/2018 10:53:30
2.70 nice 
01/30/2018 00:13:41
hey there instone when i try to login my french mod an error says that my ip address is either wron or there is an issue with the ccapi,i triple checked the ip address and its good to go i went on an ahead rebooted the ccapi but im still getting the same error im using the 2.80 dev package for my 4.82 ps3 just letting you know maybe somthing to look at thanks for your time.
01/29/2018 15:50:57
The PC thingie crashes when i try to add my console
01/29/2018 15:47:52
The PC thingie crashes when i try to add my console
01/25/2018 17:13:19
01/23/2018 15:48:27
will 4.82 have support for dex anytime in the future
01/16/2018 09:58:52
How do I use the ps3 menu part of ccapi 2.80?   
I can't find it